1141. The following self-perceiving beliefs organize and direct the processing of self-relevant information:

A. Self-esteem
B. Self-reference effect
C. Self-schema *
D. Self-Concept

1142. Remembering well and efficiently information pertaining to oneself is :

A. Self-reference effect *
B. Self-schema effect
C. Self-processing effect
D. Self-aggrandizing effect

1143. The following are not considered “possible selves”:

A. Self-schema
B. Self-esteem *
C. The self we dream of becoming
D. The self we fear we might become .

1144. Self-esteem is :

A. The total of our possible selves
B. The sum of all of our individual plans
C. Everything we think about ourselves
D. A person’s overall assessment of themselves *

1145. Social identity does not include :

A. Race
B. Beauty *
C. Religion
D. Sex

1146. Students that tend to have a higher academic self-concept if they attend a school with few exceptionally capable students is explained in term of :

A. Social Comparison *
B. Self-evaluating
C. Social Identity
D. Self-Monitoring

1147. Which culture expresses a high degree of individualism ?

A. African
B. South American
C. Western *
D. Asian

1148. In Collectivist cultures the following would not be true :

A. Identify is defined by connections to others
B. Disapproval of conformity *
C. Disapproval of egotism
D. A saying that says “No man is an island”

1149. The worst predictor of the longevity of dating couples relationships is the :

A. Dating couple *
B. Female Roommate
C. Male Roommate
D. Parents

1150. The theory of how people explain others behavior is :

A. Cognitive theory
B. Communication theory
C. Impression theory
D. Attribution theory *