301. Rational-emotive therapy’s example which is developed by :
A. Albert Ellis
B. Carl Rogers
C. Allen Bergin
D. Joseph Wolpe

302. Society explicit and implicit norm’s violation can be viewed as not normal in the sense that the violation is :
A. Distressful
B. Dysfunctional
C. Deviant
D. A danger to one’s self or to others

303. The factors that influence social behavior and thoughts in certain ways are called–
A. Independent variables
B. Confounding variables
C. Dependent variables
D. Mediating variables

304. A society establishes to govern conduct according to rule of implicit and explicit are referred to as :
A. Morality
B. Culture
C. Conventions
D. Norms

305. peoples lost touch with reality when they are _______.
A. Psychopathic
B. Psychotic
C. Manic
D. Neurotic

306. We can define intelligence as:
A. The ability to think abstractly and learn from experience
B. Include all the factors that make one person different from another
C. Knowledge of a great many facts
D. The ability to get good grades in school

307. Brain part that sends the signal that we named “alert” to higher centers of the brain in response to incoming massage is :
A. Reticular formation
B. Hippocampus
C. amygdala
D. Limbic system

308. Control of reflexes handled by the ____ :
A. Frontal lobe
B. Hypothalamus
C. Medulla
D. Spinal cord

309. As the occipital lobe is to vision, the _____ lobe is to hear.
A. Temporal
B. cerebellar
C. Frontal
D. Parietal

310. Definition of abnormality which includes unhappiness contain _____ aspect.
A. Deviance
B. Dysfunction
C. Danger to self or others
D. Distress