871. For effective communication, which of these commandments should one not follow?
A. Objective of communication
B. Inadequate medium
C. Clarity
D. Adequate medium

872. To make our communication effective, we should follow _____ C’s and _____ S’s.
A. seven, four
B. seven, three
C. six, four
D. six, three

873. Which of these does not come under the four S’s?
A. Simplicity
B. Strength
C. Sincerity
D. Shock

874. Statements based on the systematic collection of data are:
A. empirical
B. dialectic
C. empathic
D. False

875. The goal of correlational research is to:
A. assess the causal impact of one variable on another
B. create a snapshot of what’s happening
C. assess relationships between variables
D. all of the above

876. A study of the feeding behaviour of a group of wild monkeys in India would be an example of:
A. a survey
B. naturalistic observation
C. a correlation
D. an experiment

877. If income and happiness are positively correlated then a person with a low income would be predicted to be:
A. not depressed at all
B. less depressed than a person with a high income
C. more depressed than a person with a high income
D. cannot make a prediction from correlational data

878. Descriptive statistics aim to:
A. explain
B. confuse
C. complicate
D. Summarize

879. In a ________ experiment neither the researcher nor the participants know which condition participants are in.
A. blind
B. double-blind
C. random
D. Confounded

880. A researcher is interested in the impact of anxiety on performance. In order to manipulate anxiety, they have some subjects eat plain chips while others eat barbecue flavoured chips. The most obvious problem with this experiment is a lack of :
A. statistical validity
B. empirical validity
C. internal validity
D. construct validity