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261. The prototype of the modern intelligence test developed by:
A. Stanford
B. Terman
C. Binet
D. Wechsler

262. ——- is a dimension of visual experience…
A. Loudness
B. Pitch
C. Timbre
D. Brightness

263. The fovea and blind spot are…
A. Lens
B. Pupil
C. Cornea
D. Retina

264. Reviewing existing records to confirm a hypothesis about the behavior of a terrorist is _____________? study
B.survey research
C.archival research
D.field research

265. Belief in the id would be the____________ view, whereas recording the frequency of acts of aggression would represent the____________ approach.
A.functionalist, structuralist
B.structuralist, a priori
C.structuralist, functionalist
D.gestalt, introspection

266. For best research control of genetic factors, which of the following should be used in experimentation?
B.identical twins
C.factor analysis
D.longitudinal approach

267. The purpose of “Q-technique” is ___________? measure accurate norms of population
B.items analysis in factorial design measure correlation between X and Y variables measure a person’s opinion of himself

268. Which of the following is not one of the aspects of development studied by psychologists?
A.Universal aspects of development
B.Individual differences in development
C.Cultural differences in development
D.Immutable laws of development
E.None of these

269. Which of the following identified universal symbolic images that appear in myths, art, dreams, and other expressions of the collective unconscious?
E.All of these

270. Central traits _____________?
A.Were suggested by a behaviorist to explain behavior
B.Organize and control behavior across many situations
C.Are more situations specific than they are secondary traits
D.Are seen in growth-oriented individuals
E.None of these

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