1091.Culture exerts strong effect on memory through the operation of cultural schema. One’s memory is influenced by learning in?

A.Own culture effect *
B.Culture effect due to enculturation
C.Acculturation effect
D.Socialization effect

1092. Evolutionary Social Psychology Research seeks to investigate ?

A.Changes in human behaviour
B.Seeks to investigate the potential role of genetic factors on social behaviour *
C.Interrelationships between people of two groups of different social environment
D.Focuses on individual’s behaviour.

1093.Which one of the following is the right explanation of flash bulb memory?

A.New, important, helpful social events *
B.Unspecific, important, common events
C.Specific, surprising, unimportant events
D.Unspecific, important, common events

1094. Which of the following sequences is correct with respect to effective teaching?

A.Match student’s level → specify learning goals → emphasize self comparison → suggest improvements and model problem solving. *
B.Specify learning goals → emphasize self-comparison → suggest improvements and model problem solving → match student’s level.
C.Suggest improvements and model problem solving → match student’s level → specify learning goals → emphasize self-comparison
D.Emphasize self-comparison → match student’s level → specify learning goals → suggest improvements and model problem solving.

1095. Sleep disorders can be categorized as?

A.Paraphilias and Dysfunctions *
B.Insomnia and Hypersomnia
C.Parasomnias and Dyssomnias
D.Serotonergic and Dopaminergic

1096.Which is the correct sequence of the stages involved in creative thinking?

A.Preparation; orientation; illumination; incubation; verification
B.Preparation; incubation; illumination; orientation; verification
C.Orientation; preparation; incubation; illumination; verification *
D.Orientation; preparation; illumination; incubation; verification

1097. Selective attention in vision and audition respectively have been dubbed as?

A.‘optic’ and ‘haptic’
B.‘spotlight’ and ‘gateway’ *
C.‘spatial’ and ‘acoustic’
D.‘central’ and ‘peripheral

1098. Which is not the part of “on the job training”?

A.Orientation training
B.Job instruction training
C.Role playing *
D.Apprentice training

1099.“Pygmalion effect” in educational settings suggests ?

A.exceptional progress by student as a result of high teacher expectations. *
B.biases creeping into summative assessment
C.authenticity factors in classroom assessment.
D.influences on curricular structure.

1100.Which of the following is not a diagnosable sleep disorder ?

B.Somniloquy *
C.Sleep terror

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