271. Many of the neo Freudians have modified Freud’s original theory of personality to give more emphasis to ______________?
A.Childhood sexuality
B.Social and cultural factors
C.Differences between the sexes
D.Unconscious forces
E.None of these

272. Motivation is defined as inferred process within a person that causes organism to move toward _____________?
A.A goal
B.All other organisms
C.A homeostatic state
D.Higher levels in the hierarchy of needs
E.None of these

273. Disagreeing with Freud, Erikson emphasized more on _____________?
B.Racial memory
C.Early habits
E.None of these

274. In Maslow’s theory of personality the main concept is that of ______________?
A.Functional autonomy
B.Acquired drives
C.Interpersonal relations
E.None of these

275. Which one of the following is not the law of perceptual grouping?
B.Similarity constancy
E.None of these

276. In the perception of people, feedback will serve to ____________?
A.Correct an incorrect initial perception
B.Confirm an accurate initial perception
C.Stabilize and inaccurate initial perception
D.Nay of the above would be true
E.None of these

277. Studies on maturation and learning have indicated ______________?
A.That environmental stimulation may effect growth
B.That some factor may affect normal development
C.That the two follow independent course
D.Both (A. and (B.
E.None of these

278. While selecting a psychological test for personnel selection, main concern regarding the test is _____________?
B.Ease of administration
E. None of these

279. The non-directive approach characterizes ____________?
C.Client-centered therapy
D.Behavior modification

280. Emergency reactions refer to _____________?
A.Individual’s attempt to cope with an emergency
B.Bodily changes accompanying emotions of anger and fear
C.Feeling of startle when suddenly stimulated
D.Ways that the individual seeks to achieve emotional control
E.None of these

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