1111. An expectation that people will help those who have helped them is :

A. Social Norm
B. Social-responsibility norm
C. Reciprocity norm *
D. Restitution norm

1112. An expectation that people will help those dependent upon them is :

A. Social-responsibility norm *
B. Reciprocity norm
C. Dependent norm
D. Social norm

1113. The following are some of the reasons why the idea that altruism toward one’s relatives has been chosen by evolution to help genes that are shared by two people survive:

A. Evolutionary altruism
B. Kin selection *
C. The close relatives effect
D. The mutually shared genes effect

1114. The finding that a person is less likely to help when there are other people around is :

A. The bystander effect *
B. The Reciprocity effect
C. The situational influence effect
D. The negative empathy effect

1115. Researchers had participants working in a room either by themselves or with two strangers .When smoke was pumped into the room through a vent, the solitary participant:

A. Recognized the smoke earlier than group members:
B. Was less likely to act
C. Thought the smoke was a fired
D. Finished the task quickly

1116. Which of the following states of mind is most likely to inspire charity?

A. Depression
B. Grief
C. Guilt *
D. Anger

1117. A change in behavior or belief as a result of real or imagined group pressure is :

A. Compliance
B. Conformity *
C. Acceptance
D. Reactance

1118. Conformity that involves publicly acting in accord with social pressure while privately disagreeing is :

A. Compliance *
B. Acceptance
C. Obedience
D. Reactance

1119. Conformity that involves both acting and believing in accord with social pressure is :

A. Compliance
B. Cohesiveness
C. Obedience
D. Acceptance *

1120. What factor does not initiate attraction?

A. Long distance *
B. Physical attractiveness
C. Similarity
D. Feeling liked