901. Dr. Maki questioned a group of 9th graders about their career aspirations. This is an example of a(n)
A. experiment
B. survey
C. case study
D. Manipulation

902. In an experiment looking at the effect of heat on performance, participants were randomly assigned to spend 20 minutes in a hot room painted blue or to spend 20 minutes in a cold room painted yellow. In this experiment the IV is confounded by:
A. lack of random sampling
B. the colour of the room
C. performance on the task
D. there is no confound

903. A researcher asks 250 students (from a school with 1000 pupils) to complete a survey about the cafeteria. The 250 students are a:
A. population
B. case study
C. sample
D. Variable

904. Reductionist and materialist approaches to the study of psychological phenomena led psychology to look for explanations in terms of
A. physiological properties
B. psychological properties
C. evolution
D. social factors

905. Donders (1818–89) introduced psychology to the concept of being able to ascertain the exact duration of a mental judgement following the presentation of a stimulus. This is referred to as
A.mental chronometry
B. zeitgeber
C. re action time
D. mental synchronicity

906. Fechner also proposed the idea that the physical intensity of a physical stimulus is NOT accurately reflected in our perceived intensity of the stimulus. To measure perceived intensity, he proposed the idea of perceptual discrimination – being able to detect changes in the physical intensity itself. The unit of measure was referred to as the
A. Just Negligible Discrepancy
B. Just Noticeable Discrepancy
C. Just Noticeable Difference
D. Just Negligible Difference

907. Francis Galton and Alfred Binet also developed methods for measuring and quantifying
A. personality
B. intelligence
C. locus of control
D. gender

908. An example of a psychological phenomenon that Wundt proposed was beyond experimental or objective scientific methodology is
A. complex feelings
B. drug-–neuron interaction
C. altruistic behaviour
D. adrenal output

909. Wundt also emphasised the importance of researching individuals in their ______ and ______ contexts in order to fully appreciate psychological phenomena.
A. private, social
B. private, environmental
C. social, cultural
D. social, family

910. Freud’s hysteria is now referred to as
A. B dissociative disorder
C. personality disorder
D. neuroticism
E. psychoticism

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