401. Factors predisposing an individual towards feeling of jealousy include:
A. Insecurity in self-conception
B. Lack of intensity of feelings of love
C. Self hate
D. All of the above
E. None of these

402. Behaviour episodes are:-
A. Organized sequences of behaviour
B. Characterized by a constant direction of action
C. After overlapping
D. All of the above
E. None of these

403. Self-assertive behaviour is an example primarily of:
A. a stimulation motive
B. a security motive
C. an abundance motive
D. a survival motive
E. None of these

404. The emergency-control branch of human nervous system is:
A. Sympathetic
B. Parasympathetic
C. Cerebrospinal
D. Ventromedial
E. None of these

405. The “local” stimulus theory of hunger is associated with the name of:
A. Anderson
B. Beach
C. Cannon
D. Helson
E. None of these

406. Examples of ductless glands are:
A. Gonads, salivary glands, adrenals
B. tear glands, salivary glands, gonads
C. Thyroid, pituitary, tear gland
D. Adrenal, thyroid, gonads
E. None of these

407. In conditioning studies CR and UR:
A. are usually, but no always, identical
B. are rarely identical
C. Have not similarity
D Are always identical
E None of these

408. A curve which shows an overall negative slope may show:
A. negative acceleration
B. positive acceleration
C. linear acceleration
D. any one of the above
E. None of these

409. The development of any kind of skill depends intimately upon;
A. Muscle facility
B. Abstract knowledge
C. Feedback
D. Kinesthetic stimulation
E. None of these

410. Aphasia seems to be correlated with lesions to the:
A. Temporal lobes of brain
B. Motor Cortex of brain
C. Cerebellar cortex of brain
D. Frontal lobes of brain
E. None of these