1011. The ecological theory explains about?

A.cognitive development
B.affective processes in development *
C.environmental influences on development
D.None of These

1012. Which theory says that there are sensitive periods of development in human life?

A.social cognition theory
B.ecological theory *
C.ethological theory
D.none of these

1013. Which of the following approaches to personality is least deterministic?

A.The humanistic approach *
B.The behavioral approach
C.The psychoanalytic approach
D.The social learning approach

1014. In Freud’s theory of personality?

A.The id operates by secondary process
B.The superego obeys the pleasure principle
C.The ego obeys the reality principle *
D.The ego operates by primary process thinking

1015. The frustration-aggression hypothesis?

A.Was developed by social learning theorist
B.Assumes that frustration produces aggression *
C.Assume that aggression is basic instinct
D.Claims that frustration and aggression are both instinctive

1016.The James-Lange or body reaction theory of emotion says?

A.You feel emotion then a bodily reaction
B.Emotions and visceral reactions are simultaneous
C.The somatic nervous system is the seat of emotion
D.You react with your body first then you feel emotion *

1017. Analysis of avoidance learning suggest that many phobias are acquired through —— conditioning?

A.Classical *

1018.The ability to learn by observing a model or receiving instructions, without reinforcement, is called ?

B.Social learning *
C.Cognitive learning
D.Instrumental learning

1019.Conditioned response may be eliminated by withdrawing reinforcement. This is known as?

A.Extinction *
C.Spontaneous recovery
D.Stimulus generalization

1020. Any stimulus that follows a behavior and increases the likelihood that the behavior will be repeated is called a?

C.reinforcer *
D.Situational stimulus