1131. The study of the naturally occurring relationships among variables is :

A. Experimental research
B. Correlational research *
C. Field research
D. Interpretative research

1132. The procedure in which every person in the population being studied has and equal chance of inclusion is :

A. Survey research
B. equal research
C. Controlled research
D. Random research *

1133. The experimental factor that a researcher manipulates is a (n):

A. Dependent variable
B. Hypothesis
C. Control
D. Independent variable *

1134. The process of assigning participants to the conditions of an experiment such that all persons have the same chance to being in a(n):

A. Ethics of experimentation
B. Random assignment *
C. Mundane realism
D. Informed consent

1135. Mundane realism is :

A. Performing the experiment in the real world
B. When the experiment is boring and repetitive
C. The degree to which and experiment is similar to everyday conditions *
D. The experimenter’s biases in the experiment

1136. An experiment would have experiment realism if it :

A. Absorbs and involves its participants *
B. Is carried out in the field
C. Was similar to everyday situations
D. Tested an everyday hypothesis

1137. Experimenters standardize their instructions to subjects in order to :

A. Minimize demand characteristics *
B. Insure accuracy in the results
C. Appear neutral to the group
D. Compare different groups

1138. Informed consent is :

A. American psychological association guideline
B. An Ethical principle *
C. law in the united states and Britain
D. A legal term used in experimental research

1139. An Experimenter manipulates what variable ?

A. Control
B. Independent *
C. Dependent
D. Experimental

1140. A person’s answer to the question “Who am i? is

A. Possible selves
B. Self-Concept *
C. Self-esteem
D. Self-Schema