461. An individual cannot remember events during an immediately following a serious airplane crash:
A. Dissociative amnesia
B. Dissociative fugue
C. Retrograde amnesia
D. Fractured amnesia
E. None of these

462. A type of schizophrenia characterized by hallucinations, delusions, and diffuse psychological organization is referred to as:
A. Undifferentiated
B. Disorganized
C. Residual
D. Fragmented
E. None of these

463. An individual who is identified as having a borderline personality disorder shows:
A. Persecutory thoughts
B. Exhibitionistic tendencies
C. Instability in mood and social relations
D. Apathy and indifference to the opinions of others
E. None of these

464. Which symptoms is not typically characteristic of an autistic child?
A. Impairment in communication
B. Hyperactivity
C. Restricted range of interest
D. Social isolation
E. None of these

465. The Stanford-Binet, WAIS-R and WISC are known to have very high reliability. This means that:
A. A pretest has been given to a representative
B. The test yields consistent results, for example-retesting
C. The test measures what it is supposed to measure
D. The result of the test will be distributed on a bell shaped curve
E. None of these

466. The experience that has the clearest, most profound effect on intellectual development:
A. Being enrolled in Head Start Program
B. Growing up in an economically disadvantaged home or neighbourhood
C. Being raised in a very neglected home
D. Being exposed to very stimulating toys and lessons in infancy

467. A therapist who encourages clients to relate their dreams and searches its roots is:
A. Psychoanalysis
B. Humanistic therapy
C. Person-centered therapy
D. Cognitive therapy
E. None of these

468. The most enthusiastic or optimistic view of Psychotherapy comes from:
A. Outcome research
B. Psychologist Hans Eysenck
C. Reports of clinicians
D. An NIMH study of treatment for depression
E. None of these

469. An approach that seeks to alleviate poverty and to other stresses that put people at high risk for developing psychological disorders is:
A. Biomedical therapy
B. The humanistic approach
C. Empathy and active listening
D. Preventive mental health
E. None of these

470. If a person washes his hands 100 times a day, the behavior will be labeled disordered because it is:
A. Unjustified an maladaptive
B. An atypical behavior
C. Not explained by the medical model
D. Harmful and disturbing to others