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171. Which scientist challenged it’s about penis envy?
A. Fromm
B. Jung
C. Adler
D. Horney

172. Process used to across all area of psychology?
A. The belief that unconscious mind determines human behavior
B. Scientific method
C. Science of persuasions
D. Curation of opinions

173. The best description of scientist is?
A. An individual who conducts the experiment
B. Individual who arrives at a conclusion based on observing and testing
C. Both A and B
D. None of these

174. According to Freud the three components of the mind are?
A. Primary, secondary, tertiary
B. oral, anal, phallic
C. Ego, id, superego
D. None of these

175. You can access someone’s personality by studying their faces, the idea is called?
A. Physiognomy
B. Phrenology
C. Physiology
D. None of these

176. The humanistic psychologists give the idea of?
A. Repressions
B. The id
C. Free will
D. Unconscious drives

177. The MMPI is used to measure?
A. Leadership potential
B. The big five traits
C. Both B and C
D. Personality and psychological disordered

178. Which of the following is not part of the Big Five traits?
A. Openness to experience
B. Sense of humor
C. Extraversion
D. None of these

179. The influence of parents on their children’s personality is?
A. They are easy to knock out
B. Their DNA has been modified
C. Both A and B
D. They are very attractive

180. Projective test is taken to reveal information about it?
A. Career aptitude
B. Parenting style
C. Unconscious processes
D. None of these