1271. It is not a good strategy to study mainly students in experiments because :

A. They tend not to be co operative
B. They know too much about Psychology
C. They are likely to guess what the experiments is about
D. They are not representative of typical members of society *

1272. The form of mental retardation that is caused by the presence of an extra chromosome is :

A. Severe retardation
B. Down syndrome *
C. Hydrocephaly
D. Psychosocial

1273. The master gland of the endocrine system is the :

A. Thyroid gland
B. Pituitary gland *
C. Gonads
D. Pancreases

1274. A clinician who concentrates on relational peculiarities and their impacts on conduct of people in various districts would presumably be a ________ therapist :

A. Leaming
B. Cultural *
C. Developmental
D. Cognitive

1275. Who started research on spectator interventional in crises ( with John Darley). Kip Williams’ social loafing theory and Andrzej Nowak’s dynamic social impact theory

A. Anthony Greenwald
B. Irving Janis
C. Edward E Jones
D. Bibb Latane *

1276. Who was one of the first researchers to study group dynamics and organizational development and is frequently referred to as “the father of social psychology”?

A. Kurt Lewin *
B. George Herbert Mead
C. Stanley Milgram
D. Walter Mischel

1277. Name the American Philosopher (Pragmatist) sociologist, and psychologist who is a founder of social psychology ?

A. Kurl Lewin
B. George Herbert Mead *
C. Stanley Milgram
D. Walter Mischel

1278. Who is often called founder of symbolic interactionism ?

A. Kurt lewin
B. George Herbert Mead *
C. Stanley Milgram
D. Walter Mischel

1279. Which of the following psychological theories is known as the one that emphasizes ‘ Free well ‘?

A. Psychodynamic psychology
B. Behaviorism
C. Humanistic Psychology *
D. Neo-Freudian Psychology

1280. The study of how different species behave in similar and different ways is called:

A. Biology
B. Comparative psychology *
C. Environment psychology
D. Differential psychology3