731. Every individual set his goal and he also know the _____________ which will take him to achieve the goal.
A. Process
B. Behaviour
C. Event
D. way

732. ________ insist that it is advisable and fruitful to the study the behaviour of the human being which is visible than studying the mind which is elusive in nature.
A. Ivan Pavlov and Jon B. Watson
B. Ivan Pavlov
C. Jon B. Watson Ivan Pavlov and A.Maslow

733. _____________ is the force of action or motivation.
A. Behaviour
B. Stimulus
C. Perception
D. Attitude

734. Behavioural framework based on ______ behaviour and ___environmental variables.
A. Observable —- Non Observable
B. Observable —- Observable
C. Non Observable —- Observable
D. Non observable —- Non Observable

735. Human can project ____ behaviour for ____ stimulus and he exhibit a response depending on environmental consequences.
A. different—– different
B. same——same
C. same———different
D. different—— same

736. As per _________ Behaviour is not the outcome of stimulus alone, but it is an outcome which also depends on contingent environmental consequences of a behaviour
A. Behaviouristic Framework
B. Cognitive Framework
C. Sinner Framework
D. Behaviour Theory

737. The social cognitive theory states that the person and the external situations are _________ with each other along with the behaviour itself to determine the behaviour.
A. related
B. linked
C. interdependence
D. combined

738. ___________ states that along with cognitive and external situation the experiences faced through relevant past events determines what a person becomes and this will create an impact in subsequent behaviour.
A. Behaviouristic Framework
B. Cognitive Framework
C. Social Cognitive Framework
D. Social Framework

739. _________ developed social learning theory into the more comprehensive social cognitive theory (SCT).
A. Bandura
B. Luthans
C. Sinner
D. I Pavlo

740. ____have translated this SCT into the theoretical framework for organizational behavior.
A. Stajkovic and Luthans
B. Stajkovic and Sinner
C. Sinner and Luthans
D. Stajkovic and Pavlo