931. Frederic Bartlett carried out an investigation that demonstrated how the accuracy of a person’s recall of details from a story could be significantly distorted by
A. whether or not someone has eaten in the last hour
B. the temperature of the room where the experiment was conducted
C. the cultural background of the person hearing the story
D. the current phase of the moon

932. What research method has been associated with psychology’s return to a focus on the importance of subjective psychological phenomena?
A. qualitative
B. self-reports
C. face-to-face interviews
D. psychometrics

933. The most important historical figure to develop the idea of evolution is
A. Darwin
B. Mendel
C. Crick
D. Buss

934. In psychology, case studies are used to:
A. show importance of case studies.
B. assess heritability of individual
C. draw general conclusions about behaviour of the client
D. draw conclusions , about individual behavior on the basis of group finding

935. In Erikson’s theory, which psycho-social crises preceed and succeed Autonomy v/s Shame :
A. Basic trust v/s mistrust and Industry v/s Inferiority
B. Basic trust v/s mistrust and Industry v/s Inferiority
C. Industry v/s Inferiority and Identity v/s Role confusion.
D. Basic trust v/s mistrust and Initiative v/s Guilt.

936. In Operant conditioning procedure, the role of reinforcement is:
A. Strikingly significant
B. Very insignificant
C. Negligible
D. Not necessary
E. None of the above

937. According to Skinnerian Operant conditioning theory, a negative reinforcement is:
A. Nothing but punishment
B. A biofeedback
C. A withdrawing or removal of a positive reinforcer
D. An instinctive drift
E. None of the above

938. Behaviour therapists believe that the respon¬dent or classical conditioning is effective in dealing with the non-voluntary automatic behaviour, whereas the operant one is success¬ful predominantly with motor and cognitive behaviours, Thus, unadaptive habits such as nail biting, trichotillomania, enuresis encopresis, thumb sucking etc. are satisfactorily dealt within the :
A. Classical Method
B. Operant Method
C. Trial and Error Method
D. Insightful learning procedure
E. None of the above

939.Current positive reinforcement requires the individual to imagine performing a particular task or behaviour followed by a:
A. Negative consequence
B. Zero consequence
C. Positive Consequence
D. Neutral consequence
E. None of the above

940. Aversion is one of the conditioning procedures used in:
A. Non-directive therapy
B. Psychoanalytic therapy
C. Behaviour therapy
D. Chemotherapy
E. None of the above