1291. Behaviorism helped make psycholoy a :

A. Fad
B. Science *
C. Speciality
D. Hoax

1292. Developmental psychologists study the effects of ___________________ on behavior :

A. Marketing
B. Learning disabilities
C. Aging *
D. Robotics

1293. The kind of therapy developed by freud is called :

A. Gestalt therapy
B. Psychoanalysis *
C. Behavior Modification
D. S-R therapy

1294. Freud stressed the role of __________ in shaping our personalities :

A. The structure of the mind
B. The function of our behaviors
C. Our history of rewards and punishments
D. The Unconscious *

1295. The structuralist school of psychology :

A. Utilized introspection to break down conscious experience *
B. Put a lot of faith in the idea of natural selection
C. Was concerned with experiences as wholes
D. Discovered the unconscious through dream analysis

1296. A logical clarification that stays conditional until it has been sufficiently tried is called a(n):

A. Theory
B. Law
C. Hypothesis *
D. Experiment

1297. The term “study” refers to one that looks at the degree of connection between two events:

A. Naturalistic observation
B. The correlational method *
C. A controlled experiment
D. The survey method

1298. __________ is an ability to evaluate ,compare,analyze,critique, and synthesize information :

A. Critical thinking *
B. Transductive thinking
C. Deductive thinking
D. Creative thinking

1299. The phrase ” a theory must also be falsifiable ” means :

A. Researchers misrepresent their data
B. In order to confirm a theory, it must be defined *
C. Speculations region a rich exhibit of perceptions in regards to conduct yet with not many realities to help them
D. Nothing

1300. The best way to describe the outcomes of naturalistic observation is as follows:

A. Explanation
B. Theory
C. Prediction
D. Description