421. Enduring dimensions of personality characteristics differentiating people from another is called:
A. Factor analysis
B. Trait
C. Determinism
D. None of these

422. The theory which suggests that people learn attitude by observing their own behavior is:
A. Operant conditioning
C. Self-perception
D. None of these

423. Theory of cognitive dissonance is offered by:
A. Skinner
B. Bandura
C. Festinger
D. None of these

424. The ability to view the world in 3 dimensions and perceive distance is:
A. Depth perception
B. Illusion
C. Delusion
D. None of these

425. According to Bandura, one is socialized by:
A. Punishment
B. Observation
C. Food
D. None of these

426. Crowding causes increase in heart rate and the level of adrenaline:
A. No
B. Yes

427.Studies demonstrate that greater genetic similarity is associated with greater similarity of attitudes:
A. True
B. False

428. A theory that states that emotions are a join result of non-specific physiological arousal and interpretation of the arousal is called:
A. Two-factor theory of emotion
B. James-Lange theory of emotion
C. Bem’s theory of emotion d) None of these

429. Maintenance of an internal biological balance is called:
A. Instinct
B. Need
C. Homeostasis
D. None of these

430. The part of personality that provides a buffer between the id and the out side world is:
A. Super-ego
B. Ego
C. Ego-ideal
D. None of these

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