491. The kind of conflict experienced by a student who simultaneously wants to watch a late night movie on television and get a good night’s sleep is best described as:
A. Approach-avoidance
B. Double approach-avoidance
C. Approach-Approach
D. Avoidance-Avoidance
E. None of these

492. Axon and dendrites are part of a:
A. Myelin Sheath
B. Cell body
C. Neuron
D. Node
E. None of these

493. Motion pictures are based on:
A. The gamma phenomenon
B. The principle of illusionary circle
C. The autokinetic illusion
D. Stroboscopic vision
E. None of these

494. According to Alfred Adler, helplessness of the infant accounts for:
A. feelings of inferiority
B. compensatory strivings
C. A need to strive for superiority
D. All of these

495. Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development states:
A. Children are egocentric during the stage of preoperational thought
B. Object permanence is developed during stage of concrete operational thought
C. When children proceed from the stage of preoperational thought to the stage of formal operations, they achieve sense of conservation and reversibility
D. Child development is largely culturally determined

496. Autonomous functions of the ego include all of the following except:
A. Perception
B. Repression
C. Language
D. Intelligence

497. Which of the following statement applies to the unconscious?
A. Its elements are inaccessible to the conscious
B. Its closely related to the pleasure principle
C. Its closely related to instincts
D. All of these

498. A gambler lost 1000 rupees at a racetrack but he was not upset. He said, “I would have spent the money on any other thing any way”. Which defense mechanism does his statement involve?
A. Reaction formation
B. Undoing
C. Denial
D. Rationalization
499. Fixed false belief based on incorrect inferences about external reality is called:
A. Delusion
B. Obsession
C. Overvalued Idea
D. Phobia

500. A simple schizophrenia is characterised by:
A. An insidious loss of drive and ambition
B. Persistent Delusions
C. Persistent Hallucinations
D. All of these