1251. ” Characterizes data obtained through direct perception and estimation:

A. Introspective data
B. Subjective data
C. A scientific Hypothesis
D. Empirical evidence *

1252. Name the researcher who is known for his work in identifying relationship behaviors that predict future relationship quality and stability ?

A. Leon festinger
B. Laszlo Garai
C. Brain. G Gilmartin
D. John Gottman *

1253. Who creator of the implicit association test ?

A. Anthony Greenwald *
B. Irving janis
C. Edward E. Jones
D. Bibb Latane

1254. Who is well known for his landmark research on the concept of “Groupthink”?

A. Anthony greenwald
B. Irving Janis *
C. Edward E. Jones
D. Bibb Latane

1255. Who is co-authored of first paper on what was later called fundamental attribution error; known for researching actor-observer bias ?

A. Anthony Greenwald
B. Irving Janis
C. Edward E. Jones *
D. Bibb Latane

1256. ” The most important thing to me is how I think; I work as a psychologist.

A. Cognitive *
B. Learning
C. Perception
D. Personality

1257. Psychologist use animals in experiments in order to :

A. Avoid using unreliable human subjects
B. Follow government denials against any undesirable investigations utilizing human subjects
C. Look into problems that can’t be studied with people to find principles that apply to people *
D. Dispose of the impact of the human misrepresentation

1258. The goals of psychology are to describe understand, ___________ and control behavior

A. Predict *
B. Preserve
C. Perfect
D. Prescribe

1259. for most psychologists , control refers toa punishment of unwanted responses :

A. Legal limitations on the use of conditioning principles
B. Techniques for reducing personal freedom of choice
C. Altering conditions that influence behavior *
D. None of these

1260. Pavlov’s commitment to behaviorism lies in his disclosure of :

A. The conditioned response *
B. Self-Observation
C. Conscious experience
D. Unconscious motivation