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31. Basic characteristics of tasks that result in social loafing is that they are:
A. Additive
B. Negative
C. Subtractive
D. Multiplicative

32. Job satisfaction is enhanced by tasks that are:
A. Very easy to accomplish
B. Overwhelming and rewarding
C. Unrelated to one’s personal needs
D. Challenging but not overwhelming

33. Piaget’s stage for infancy is:
A. Formal operation
B. Preoperational thought
C. Sensory motor thoughts
D. Concrete operations

34. When a researcher tests several groups of people at the same time each group at a different age, he is conducting a(n) ______ study.
A. Sequential
B. Cross-sectional
C. Longitudinal
D. Observational

35. An individual becomes a member of social group through the process of:
A. Aging
B. Learning
C. Maturation
D. Socialization

36. The first two weeks of life are referred to as:
A. Early childhood
B. The neonatal period
C. The period of infancy
D. The preoperational stage

37. It would be more accurate to say that maturation:
A. Can be delayed by illness or poor nutrition
B. Is dramatically accelerated by good nutrition
C. Is not affected by any environmental factors because it is genetic
D. Is greatly accelerated by good health care and delayed by illness

38. Which of the following is part of the psychosocial domain?
A. Memory
B. Judgment
C. Motor skills
D. Style of behaving

39. The stage of prenatal development during which the developing organism is most vulnerable to injury is the:
A. Embryonic stage
B. Fetal stage
C. Germinal stage
D. Zygotic stage

40. The child’s increasing skill at using his muscles is due chiefly to:
A. Maturation
B. Learning
C. Pushing by parents
D. An opportunity to exercise

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