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251. Survey research…
A. A sample of people are asked questions
B. Existing data are examined
C. A control group is necessary
D. New data is generated

252. Taste depends on…
A. temperature and texture of food
B. Only on taste buds
C. smell and texture of food
D. all of these

253. Which of the following option will happen due to smoking during pregnancy?
A. High mortality
B. Low birth weight
C. High intelligence in the fetus
D. a and b both

254. —– is not a common symptom of the depression…
A. Delusions
B. Lethargy
C. Insomnia
D. Poor appetite

255. Which of the following is related to the concept of intelligence…
A. Cognitio
B. Perception
C. Motivation
D. Learning

256. Which one part of the brain that relayed to colour, smell and feel of the flowers?
A. Thalamus
B. Motor area
C. Acetylcholine
D. None of these

257. Which of the following options carry specialized cells of the nervous system?
A. Reflexes
B. Messages
C. both
D. None of these

258. Psychology has been defined by psychologists as…
A. The study of behaviour
B. The study of behaviour and mental process
C. The study of mental activity
D. all of these

259. —– introduced the concept of adaptation…
A. Kohler
B. Helson
C. Brown
D. Wertheimer

260. The social distance scale measure…
A. Social class differences
B. Upward social mobility
C. The cohesiveness of a group
D. Ethnic attitude

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