721. Employees with relatively weak higher- order needs are _______ concerned with variety and autonomy.
A. less
B. more
C. very
D. extremely

722. Which of the following is a strategy of job design that increases job depth by meeting employees needs for psychological growth?
A. Job rotation
B. Job enrichment
C. Job enlargement
D. Job engagement

723. What is the key word in understanding organization structure?
A. Control
B. Change
C. Process
D. Delegation

724. Organization structures
A. affect group behavior more than individual behavior
B. change rapidly to meet environmental and market changes
C. contribute positively to organizational performance
D. can be defined simply as activities that occur regularly

725. Groups created by managerial decision in order to accomplish stated goals of the organization are called
A. formal groups
B. informal groups
C. task groups
D. interest groups

726. Continued membership in a group will usually require
A. supporting the group leader
B. conforming to group norms
C. encouraging cohesiveness in the group
D. developing a status system

727. The definition of communication implies that
A. communication is mostly verbal
B. communication is mostly written
C. most communication is in a vertical direction
D.understanding must occur to have communication

728. The Least used communication channel in an organization is usually
B. downward
C. diagonal
D. Horizontal

729. _____________ framework is based o the concept of Expectancy, demand and Intention of the human being.
A. Behaviouristic
B. Expectancy
C. Cognitive
D. Social learning

730. According to Edward Tolman, ______________ consists of the expectancy that a particular event will lead to a particular consequence.
A. eventual
B. Behaviour
C. Learning
D. Attitude

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