671. Who said the mind is a blank slate?
A. Aristotle
B. John Locke
C. Socrates
D. Plato

672. According to this Philosopher “Character and intelligence are inborn and inherited”
A. Aristotle
B. John Locke
C. Socrates
D. Plato

673. Which of the following is a statement with which Skinner’s followers would agree?
A. Most behavior is controlled by unconscious forces.
B. The goal of behavior is self-actualization.
C. Nature is more influential than nurture.
D. Free will is an illusion

674. The beginnings of modern psychology were based on which of the following influences?
A. Philosophy, physiology and psychophysics
B. The bystander effect, Milgram’s experiments and common sense
C. Dualism, materialism and behaviourism
D. None of the above

675. The ability to feel what the client feels is called:
A. Respect
B. Sympathy
C. Empathy
D. Congruence

676. __________ is founder of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.
A. Aron Beck
B. Albert Ellis
C. Carl Jung
D. Carl Rogers

677. ______ is a neurotransmitter that plays important role in anxiety, arousal and learning.
B. Serotonin
C. Epinephrine
D. Glutamate

678. ______focuses on the unconscious forces that drive or motivate human behavior.
A. Psychodynamic model
B. Functionalism
C. Structuralism
D. Gestalt psychology

679. The process of constructing comparable, exposure and comparison groups is called
A. Time series design
B. Prospective design
C. Retrospective design
D. Matching

680. ___ gave the concept that human capacity for learning the language is innate.
A. Jean Piaget
B. Noam chomsky
C. Stanley Schachter
D. Tolman

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