361. In general children who score well on IQ tests have parents who:
A. Pay for tutors and special schools
B. Have very high IQs
C. Punish them if they fail to do it well
D. Spend time with them and actively encourage their development
E. None of these

362. One hallmark of projective tests is that they:
A. Are multiphase
B. Are criterion referenced
C. Require responses to ambiguous stimuli
D. Measure only one trait
E. None of these

363. When psychological tests are used in personal selection, an important concern regarding the tests is:
A. Cost
B. Ease of administration
C. Validity
D. Objectivity
E. None of these

364. A conversion disorder is characterized by:
 A. Functional impairment of a limb or sensory ability with no apparent physical cause
B. A constant fear of becoming seriously ill
C. Frequently vague complaints of physical symptoms
D. None of these

365. By the perceptual organization of stimuli the person’s span of attention is:
A. Increased
B. Decreased
C. Divided
D. Unaffected
E. None of these

366. Figural after-effects pertain to distortion:
A. In memory of figures
B. Caused by ambiguity of figures
C. Caused by prolonged fixation of figures
D. Caused by oscillation of attention
E. None of these

367. One of the following is not a monocular depth cue:
A. Interposition
B. Relative moment
C. Convergence
D. Accommodation
E. None of these

368. The cerebellum and cerebrum are:
A. Functionally independent
B. Bilaterally symmetrical
C. Found in the mid-brain
D. In front of the central fissure
E. None of these

369. Factors predisposing an individual towards feeling of jealousy include:
A. Lack of intensity of feeling of love
B. Insecurity of self-conception
C. Self-hate
D. All of these
E. None of these

370. Copying behavior is:
A. Often unconscious
B. A form of habitual behavior
C. Always goal-directed
D. Usually carried out with minimum attention
E. None of these

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