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151. According to Alfred Adler, the main motivating force in a person’s life is:
A. physical gratification:
B. existential anxiety
C. the need for power
D. striving for superiority
E. none of these.

152. Which term is used in the learning mechanism dopes B.F.Skinner sees as being the vital means by which behavior is learned;
A. operant conditioning
B. classical conditioning
C. observational conditioning
D. insight learning
E. none of these.

153. Select the approaches in which personality is least deterministic;
A. skinner’s approach
B. the psychoanalytical approach
C. the humanistic approach
D. the behavioral approach
E. none of these.

154. Which of the following did Carl Rogers believe encourage a congruent self-concept?
A.. unconditional love
B. appropriate role models
C. immediate- need gratification
D. conditional love
E. none of these.

155. Define Stereotypes:
A. special types of schemas that are part of people’s shared cultural background
B. equivalent to prejudice
C. widely held beliefs that people have certain characteristics because of their membership in a particular group
D. both a and b
E. none of these.

156. In developmental psychology, the term nature mention to _____ part that control development.
A. Physical
B. Environmental
C. Biological
D. All of these
E. None of these

157. Select the factor which is the most important biological element to the organized physical growth of the body including of nervous system, In the study of development;
A. Maturation
B. Hormones
C. Environment
D. Growth factors
E. None of these

158. A biologically determined period in the life of some animals during which the definite shape of learning can take place most easily is known as:
A. Critical period
B. Milestone
C. Stage
D. Landmark
E. None of these

159. which of the following controls thyroid gland?
A. metabolism
B. glucose absorption
C. emotions
D. a and b
E. b and c
F. none of these

160. ——- is the process in which detecting ,translating and transmitting from external environment to brain…
A. adaptation
B. selective attention
C. sensation
D. perception
E. a and b both
F. none of these