1191. Where Wihelm wundt opened the first experimental psychology laboratory ?

A. University of Pennsylvania
B. University of Leipzig *
C. John Hopkins university
D. Comell University

1192. University of Leipzig is located in which country ?

A. Switzerland
B. Norway
C. Germany *
D. America

1193. Who open world’s first psychology clinic ?

A. Lightner witmer *
B. Freud
C. Wilhelm wundt
D. Pavlov

1194. Psychology is the science of the mind and :

A. Behaviour *
B. Control
C. Nervous system
D. None of these

1195. The school of psychology that focused on identifying and examining the fundamental components of conscious experience such as sensation, feelings and images was :

A. Behaviorism
B. Structuralism *
C. Humanism
D. Psychoanalysis

1196. John B watson believed that psychology should involve the study of ________.

A. Conciousness
B. The brain
C. The mind
D. Behaviour *

1197. Which of the following approaches might suggest that Henry’s unconscious way of indicating that he did not welcome his mother’s visit was by forgetting to pick her up at the airport?

A. Psychoanalytic *
B. Behavioral
C. Humnaistic
D. Cognitive

1198. Tabula Rasa is a term taken from latin that literally means a :

A. Blank slate *
B. Real estate
C. State of mind
D. None of these

1199. Who saidthe mind is a blank slate ?

A. Aristotle
B. John Locke *
C. Socrates
D. Plato

1200. Which of the following methods can be used to gauge attitudes?

A. Bogus pipeline *
B. Over justification pipeline
C. Self monitoring pipeline
D. Low ball technique