231. In human body group of cells that secretes chemicals are known as …
A. organs
B. gland
C. artery
D. none

232. Which is not included in the endocrine system?
A. appendix
B. gonads
C. pituitary
D. thalamus

233. Which is the largest endocrine gland in human body?
A. thyroid gland
B. pancreas
C. hypothalamus
D. all of these

234. Where is pituitary gland located?
A. in your left neck
B. next to your liver
C. in between lungs
D. at the base of your brain

235. Hormones are the chemicals that help your body …
A. oxidizing your blood
B. tell the cell’s what to do
C. help you to breathe
D. all of these

236. Which hormone is released by the pancreas?
A. melatonin
B. calcitonin
C. insulin
D. none of the above

237. Which mental illness is basically resistant to flunctations?
A. personality disorders ans
B. affective disorders
C. schizophrenia
D. depression

238. Which of the following symptoms are common in anorexia and bulimia?
A. senses of self revolves around body
B. intense fear of being fat
C. distorted images
D. all of these

239. Which of the following is not a risk for suicide?
A. depression
B. abuse
C. social support
D. a plan to commit suicide

240. Primary reinforce is…
A. Money
B. Food
C. both
D. none of these