291. When new acquisition improves retention of the old, we speak of _____________?
A.Positive transfer
B.Reproductive facilitation
C.Negative transfer
D.Reproductive interference
E.None of these

292. Of the following one is not a measure of retention ?

293. In an experiment the group which receives no treatment is called:
A. Experimental group
B. No group
C. Control group
D. None of these

294. Between the degree of coffee drinking if one finds a positive correlation and the likelihood of heart attacks. One can conclude that:
A. Heart attack caused by Coffee drinking
B. To drink a lot of coffee causes Individuals prone to heart attacks
C. Heart attacks caused by an active lifestyle of certain people.
D. None of these

295. ______ are largely a result of motor skills :
A. Maturational process
B. Observing
C. Learning
D. other Practice

296. Which controls breathing and digestion the portion of body is called ______.
A. Autonomic
B. Linear circuit
C. Axon
D. None of these

297. In part on classical conditioning Which of the following clinical procedures are based?
A. Two chair technique
B. Token economy
C. Transference
D. Systematic desensitization

298. From an interaction of physical and psychological factors that results to seem illness are called :
A. Conversion disorder
B. Psychosomatic
C. Hysterical
D. Somatic

299. Which method of gathering information about the brain indicates the overall activity of the brain?
A. Electroencephalogram
B. Electrical stimulation
C. Studying damage to the brain
D. Positron Emission Tomography

300. The response of physiological and psychological to stress referred to as:
A. Strain
B. Hypertension
C. Stressors
D. Transition