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61. Projective tests claim to reveal information about:
A. career aptitude
B. intellectual attainment
C. unconscious processes
D. parenting style

62. Traits are defined as:
A. physical characteristics that distinguish us from other people
B. relatively enduring characteristics that influence our behaviour across many situations
C. unconscious tendencies to act in different ways according to the situation
D. permanent personality tendencies that determine our behaviour in any situation

63. Sheldon’s theory that people with different body types have different personalities has been:
A. supported by research
B. discredited
C. shown to be accurate for thin people but not overweight people
D. shown to be accurate for women but not for men

64. Which of the following is not a defense mechanism?
A. projection
B. regression
C. ingratiation
D. sublimation

65. Rohan is self-disciplined, focused on achievement and keen to do his duty. He would be
expected to score highly on:
A. neuroticism
B. agreeableness
C. extraversion
D. conscientiousness

66. The Barnum effect helps to explain people’s belief in:
A. fortune-telling
B. astrology
C. horoscopes
D. all the above

67. ________ are the basic biological units that transmit characteristics from one generation to the next:
A. genes
B. neurons
C. glia
D. instincts

68. Which of the following would NOT be useful to a behavioural geneticist?
A. family studies
B. case studies
C. adoption studies
D. twin studies

69. According to Freud, the id is to the ________ principle as the ego is to the ________ principle.
A. aggressive, sexual
B. sexual, aggressive
C. pleasure, reality
D. reality, pleasure

70. Lana is friendly, always willing to help others and compassionate. We would expect Lana to score highly on:
A. extraversion
B. agreeableness
C. neuroticism
D. openness to experience