551. Behaviour therapies apply learning principles to:
A. Identify and treat the underlying causes of dysfunction
B. Improve learning and insight
C. Eliminate the unwanted behaviour
D. Improve communication and social sensitivity
E. None of these

552. An example of a cognitive therapy is rational-emotive therapy, which is developed by:
A. Carl Rogers
B. Joseph Wolpe
C. Albert Ellis
D. Allen Bergin
E. None of these

553. The explicit and implicit rules that a society establishes to govern conduct are referred to as:
A. Norms
B. Culture
C. Morality
D. Conventions
E. None of these

554. The violation of a society’s explicit and implicit norms can be viewed as not normal in the sense that the violation is:
A. Deviant
B. Distressful
C. Dysfunctional
D. A danger to one’s self or to others
E. None of these

555. Which aspect of the definition of abnormality includes unhappiness?
A. Distress
B. Deviance
C. Dysfunction
D. Danger to self or others
E. None of these

556. Which of the following is not true regarding people with a mental illness?
A. They frequently are in considerable distress
B. Society views such people as in need of help
C. They usually pose a danger to themselves or others
D. They usually have behaviour that is in some way different
E. None of these

557. Dementia is a condition that is characterized by:
A. General paresis
B. Physical ailments
C. A general intellectual decline
D. The loss of contact with reality
E. None of these

558. The ancient Greek physicians characterized hysteria as:
A. Euphoric behaviour
B. Uncontrollable sobbing
C. An inability to control emotional responses
D. A physical ailment without any physical cause
E. None of these

559. What model of mental illness did most people hold during the middle ages?
A. The moral model
B. The medical model
C. The psychogenic model
D. The supernatural model
E. None of these (It was the demonology model)

560. The first medical practitioner to specialize in mental illness was:
A. Johann Weyer
B. William Tuke
C. Benjamin Rush
D. Sigmund Freud
E. None of these

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