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191. The important function of the corpus callosum is to:
A. interconnect the cerebral hemispheres
B. Movements of the mouth and neck
C. channel sensory information and relay centre’s
D. Handle the outcome of neurohormones from the pituitary

192. Normally, how many cells are present in a brain?
A. 100 billion
B. 10 lac
C. 1 thousand
D. 1 billion

193. Which response the cerebellum?
A. emotion
B. learning
C. coordination
D. memory system

194. Positron emission tomography scans calculated by?
A. electrical activity only
B. metabolic activity only
C. both types of activity
D. both a and b

195. Who was the earliest case study?
A. Mark Smith
B. Phillip May
D. Phineas Gage

195. suppose, only one MZ twin of human is diagnosed with a disorder, then we called…
A. concordant
B. cordant
C. discordant
D. both a and c

196. The function of antisense oligonucleotides is?
A. block production of enzymes encoded by genes
B. block release of enzymes
C. block release of proteins
D. block release of enzymes and proteins

197. The myelin sheath is made from?
A. 80% Lipid and 20% protein
B. 40% lipid and 60% protein
C. 100% lipid
D. 10% lipid and 90% protein

198. Which is the fastest route of administering drugs?
A. intraperitoneal injection
B. intramuscular injection
C. intravenous injection
D. both a and b

199. The prefrontal cortex is included in …
A. memory
B. force
C. emotion
D. executive functions

200. Which plays an important function in positive reinforcement in drug addiction?
A. the release of dopamine
B. the production of proteins
C. the production of enzymes
D. the production of enzymes