1061. One prominent class of theorists of deductive reasoning believe that deduction depends on —– of inference akin to those of ——?

A.informal rules; logical calculus
B.formal rules; analytical calculus
C.procedural rules; logical calculus
D.formal rules; logical calculus *

1062. What is the correct sequence of products in Guilford’s Struct of Intellect Model (SOI)?

A.Unit → Class → System → Relations → Implication → Transformation
B.Class → Unit → Systems → Relation → Transformation → Implication
C.Unit → Class → Relation → System → Transformation → Implication *
D.Unit → Relation → Class → System → Transformation → Implication

1063. The light passes through the eye in which of the following sequence?

A.Cornea, Pupil, Lens, Retina *
B.Cornea, Lens, Pupil, Retina
C.Lens, Cornea, Pupil, Retina
D.Pupil, Cornea, Lens, Retina

1064. Which one of the following statement is true in the context of item analysis?

A.Item-total correlation = Item-remainder correlation
B.Item-total correlation is greater than or equal to item-remainder correlation. *
C.Item-total correlation is smaller than or equal to item-remainder correlation.
D. Item-total correlation cannot be negative.

1065. The difference in images in the two eyes is greater for objects that are close and smaller for distant objects is an example of?

A.Binocular Disparity *
D.Relative Size

1066.Shaping in instrumental conditioning means?

A.Teaching a complex sequence of behaviours by first shaping the final response in the sequence and then working backwards
B.A continuous reinforcement schedule is used for establishing new behaviours.
C.It involves reinforcing successive approximations of the final desired behaviour. *
D.Consistent occurrence of a behaviour in the presence of discriminative stimulus.

1067. According to Trichromatic theory of colour vision, which of the following are the three types of cones?

A.Red, Yellow and Blue
B.Red, Blue and Green *
C.Yellow, Blue and Green
D.Yellow, Red and Blue

1068.Which one of the following conclusion can be drawn on the basis of the above study?

A.The researcher’s hypothesis has been accepted.
B.The researcher’s hypothesis has been rejected. *
C.The researcher’s hypothesis has been partially accepted.
D.Inadequate data to evaluate researcher’s hypothesis.

1069.Amit met with an accident and later turned into impulsive, irresponsible and less concerned with the consequences of his actions. He must have suffered damage in?

A.Parietal lobe
B.Frontal lobe *
C.Occipital lobe
D.Temporal lobe

1070. Effective teaching may include conceptual scaffolding, which is best described by the following statement ?

A.introducing practice sessions after every module.
B.gradually fading support as student proficiency increases. *
C.punishing student for incorrect answers.
D.encouraging brighter students to help weaker students.