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101. What is Industrial Psychology?
A. Applied Psychology
B. Theoretical Psychology
C. Educational Psychology
D. Abnormal Psychology

102. Developmental Psychology work with;
A. Personality
B. Motivation
C. Various stages of development of man
D. Intelligence

103. Abnormal Psychology is worked with
A. Developmental stages of individual
B. Abnormal behaviour and its causes
C. Diagnosis of abnormal behaviour
D. Treatment of abnormal behaviour

104. Social Psychology work with;
A. Behaviour of an individual at work
B. Behaviour of ethnic groups
C. Behaviour and experience in social
D. Abnormal Behaviour of people

105. Psychology is the scientific research with the
behaviour of;
A. Mankind
B. Animals
C. Living Organism
D. Plants

106. Some of the most convenient grasp of
human perception has taken from
A. Chemistry
B. Sociology
C. Physics
D. Zoology

107. The study of the qualities of one person has been called the;
A. Idiographic approach.
B. General approach.
C. Nomothetic approach.
D. Monologues approach

108. The Army Alpha and Army Beta tests were designed during
A. World War I.
B. World War II.
C. 1950-60.
D. 1990-200.

109. The Henmon-Nelson Tests and the Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT) The Otis-Lennon School Ability Test are all;
A. Individual test,
B. Adjustment test,
C. Group test,
D. Personality test.

110. The original Guilford’s formation of intellect model proposes;
A. 120 unidentifiable abilities.
B. 7 primary abilities.
C. The general intelligence factor ‘g’.
D. Lumping together of items to form tests.