631. Meso organisation behaviour is related with
A. Individual behaviour
B. Group behaviour
C. Organisational behaviour
D. None of these

632. “Leadership motivates the people to work and not the power of money”, this concept is related to _______

A Autocratic model
B. Custodial model
C. Supportive Model
D. Collegial Model

633. Introspection used to analyse the process of human mind.
A. Inner
B. Outer
C. Mental
D. Breaking  

634. Organisational Behaviour is a field of study backed by a body of associated with growing concern for people at the workplace
A. Theory
B. Research
C. Application
D. All of the above

635. Organisational behaviour is
A. A science
B. An art
C. A science as well as an art
D. None of the above

636. velopment, and
A. Interpersonal conflict resolution; motivation of individuals
B. Organisational control; conflict management
C. Motivation of individuals; planning
D. Planning; development

637. The term ‘psychology’ is derived from the word ‘psyche’, which means ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’
A. Latin
B. French
C. Greek
D. None of these

638.The field of organisational behaviour is primarily concerned with
A. The behaviour of individual and groups.
B. How resources are effectively managed.
C. Control processes and interactions between organisations, external context.
D. Both a and c.

639. The study of organizational behaviour has certain basic assumptions. They are
A. An industrial enterprise is an organisation of people.
B. These people must be motivated to work effectively.
C. The goals of the employee and the employer may not necessarily coincide.
D. All of the above.

640. Which of the following represents the correct sequencing of historical developments of Organisational Behaviour?
A. Industrial revolution —> Scientific management –> Human relations movement –> OB
B. Industrial revolution —> Human relations movement —> Scientific management –> OB
C. Scientific management —> Human relations movement –> Industrial revolution –> OB
D. None of these.

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