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111. By giving two different tests but similar forms, one can discover the;
A. Utility.
B. Validity,
C. Reliability.
D. Norms.

112. Select the name of the test who used written words;
A. Verbal tests
B. Written tests,
C. Word tests.
D. Language tests.

113. Select the year when Terman of Stanford University conduct out a revision of Binet’s test;
A. 1960.
B. 1916
C. 1915.
D. 1816.

114. Select an IQ level In an intelligence test a 10-year-old child was found to have a mental age of 12 years.
A. 105.
B. 110
C. 110.
D. 120.

115. Select the true statements;
A. A test can be reliable without being valid
B. A test can be valid without being reliable
C. If a test measures what it is intended to measure then by definition it is reliable
D. If a test gives consistent scores when administered repeatedly then it is valid.

116. Mirror picture equipment is related to;
A. Conditioning.
B. Span of memory.
C. Trial and error.
D. Forgetting.

117. Select animal which Pavlov used in his experiment;
A. Dog
B. Cat
C. Rat
D. Bird.

118. Select the name of person Who said ‘we are born capable of learning’;
A. Noam Chomsky
B. Jean Piaget
C. Jean-Jacques Rousseau
D. Ivan P. Pavlov.

119. Select the name of the person who invented the famous apparatus of Skinner’s;
A. Thorndike.
B. Watson.
C. Sidney Pressey
D. James.

120. Operant conditioning is linked with
A. Piaget.
B. Skinner
C. Kohler.
D. Pavlov.

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