851. The centre-surround organization of ganglion cells that enhance contrast at edges in a visual environment are well illustrated by–
A. Craik bands
B. Mach bands
C. Luminance bands
D. Optic bands

852. The growth needs of ERG theory are represented by various needs in Maslow’s model–
A. Physiological and social needs
B. Safety needs and esteem needs
C. Social needs and esteem needs
D. Esteem needs and self-actualization needs

853. Failure to develop consistent identity results in–
A. Inferiority
B. Role confusion
C. Stagnation
D. Social isolation

854. Helpers respond to the needs of a victim because they want to accomplish something rewarding; this may be referred as–
A. Negative state – relief model
B. Empathic – joy hypothesis
C. Empathy – altruism hypothesis
D. Pluralistic empathy

855. Which is the correct order of the emergence of following Psycho-Social strengths?
A. Love, Fidelity, Wisdom, Care
B. Care, Fidelity, Love, Wisdom
C. Fidelity, Love, Care, Wisdom
D. Care, Fidelity, Wisdom, Love

856. From the following list of tools used by the career guidance counselor, choose the odd one out–

857. Detecting movement in spite of camouflage is easier for people who are–
A. field dependent
B. field independent
C. both field dependent and field independent
D. neither field dependent nor field independent

858. Read the following statement and decides–
“If a rat that had previously learned to traverse a maze or a runway to obtain food is placed directly into a non-empty goal box, it will stop traversing the maze or runway on subsequent trials”. What is exemplifies?
A. Latent Learning
B. Place learning
C. Response Extinction
D. Latent Extinction

859. Self is conceptualized in Western and Eastern perspectives on personality, respectively as–
A. free and deterministic
B. instinctive and learned
C. ideal and real
D. independent and interdependent

860. When a Background Interference Procedure was used experimentally, the following findings became apparent?
A. Field independent persons did better than field dependent persons
B. Field dependent persons did better than field independent persons
C. Both field dependent and field independent persons did equally well
D. BIP enhanced the performance of all subjects

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