341. Which of the following psychologists developed the need/drive theory of emotion?
A. Clark Hull
B. Abraham Maslow
C. Robert Plutchik
D. Water Cannon
E. None of these

342. Which of the following orders of Maslow’s hierarchy of need is correct?
A. Safety, physiological, belongingness, self-actualization, esteem
B. Belongingness, esteem, safety, physiological, self-actualization
C. Physiological, belongingness, safety, esteem, self-actualization
D. Physiological, safety, belongingness, esteem, self-actualization
E. None of these

343. Norms are influenced by:
A. The surrounding culture
B. The surrounding sub-culture
C. The context of the situation
D. All of the above
E. None of these

344. Discrepancies between attitudes lead to:
A. Prejudice
B. Cognitive dissonance
C. The fundamental attribution error
D. Relative deprivation
E. None of these

345. In which motivational conflicts are must chosen by “the lesser of two evils”
A. Approach-Approach
B. Approach-Avoidance
C. Avoidance-Avoidance
D. Multiple approach-avoidance
E. None of these

346. Raymond B Cattel advanced the study of personality traits by using a statistical method called:
A. Locus of control
B. Identification
C. Factor analysis
D. Phrenology
E. None of these

347. Perfection is a problem that is most associated with the:
A. Id
B. Ego
C. Superego
D. Ego and superego
E. None of these

348. Which of the following represent correct sequence?
A. Zygote, fetus, embryo, neonate, infant
B. Zygote, embryo, neonate, fetus, infant
C. Embryo, zygote, fetus, neonate, infant
D. Zygote, embryo, fetus, neonate, infant

349. Maturation refers to development that occurs as a result of:
A. Genetically determined signals
B. Instinctive process
C. Homeostatic imbalances
D. An interaction between biology and environment
E. None of these

350. Which of the following is most likely to lead to high job satisfaction?
A. Matching personality with occupation
B. Promotion practices based on seniority
C. Having an out going personality
D. Working alone
E. None of these

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