1081. The model of memory most frequently cited consists of Short Term Memory (STM) which serve(s) as gateway to Long Term Memory (LTM). This model was propounded by?

B.Craik and Lockhart
D.Atkinson and Shiffring *

1082.In which one of the following scaling methods, Law of Comparative Judgement is used clearly while computing scale values?

A.Summated ratings
B.Equal appearing intervals
C.JND scales
D.Paired Comparison *

1083.Which is the correct sequence of the stages involved in creative thinking ?

A.Preparation; orientation; illumination; incubation; verification
B.Preparation; incubation; illumination; orientation; verification
C.Orientation; preparation; incubation; illumination; verification *
D.Orientation; preparation; illumination; incubation; verification

1084.According to Triarchic Theory of Intelligence, arrange the correct functional sequence of metacomponents?

A.Identification of problem → defining the givens, goals & obstacles → choosing appropriate strategy → selection of lower order processes → selection of mental representation → allocation of mental resources → monitoring → evaluation.
B.Identification of problem → defining the givens, goals & obstacles → selection of lower order processes → choosing appropriate strategy → selecting a mental representation → allocating mental resources → monitoring → evaluation. *
C.Identification of problem → choosing appropriate strategy → defining givens, goals and obstacles → allocating mental resources → monitoring → selecting mental representation → evaluation
D.Defining the givens, goals and obstacles → identification of problem → selection of lower order processes → choosing appropriate strategy → selecting a mental representation → allocating mental resources → monitoring → evaluation

1085.The need for ——- produces active, controlling social behaviour while need for ——— produces more passive, less controlling social behaviour?

A.affiliation; self-esteem
B.confidence; intimacy
C.affiliation; intimacy *
D.intimacy; affiliation

1086.Therapist suggested to Sunil that while trying to give up the habit of washing hands unnecessarily, he should wear a rubber band around his wrist and snap it everytime he feels like washing his hands. What therapy he is using?

A.Systematic desensitization
B.Aversion therapy *

1087. Which of the following does not present with symptoms of mental retardation?

A.Cri du chat syndrome
B.Down’s syndrome
C.Fugue *

1088. Signal detection depends upon?

A.motivation and expectations
B.signal intensity and noise
C.sensitivity and response criterion *
D.absolute and relative thresholds

1089. Thinking is a complex set of collaborations between ———- and ———representations and processes?

A.Linguistic; semantic
B.Linguistic; verbal
C.Semantic; non-linguistic
D.Linguistic; non-linguistic *

1090. A field experiment at the Bronx Zoo illustrated the potential importance of ——— indicating that an individual has legitimate authority. Fill in the blank from given below?

B.Uniforms *
D.An authoritarian personality

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