611. A Provisional theory to explain observed facts is known as __________?
A. Construct
B. Theory
C. Hypothesis
D. None of these

612. Organization structure primarily refers to ________
A. how activities are coordinated & controlled
B. how resources are allocated
C. the location of departments and office space
D. the policy statements developed by the firm

613.The purpose of job enrichment is to ______
A. expand the number of tasks an individual can do
B. increase job efficiency
C. increase job effectiveness
D. increase job satisfaction of middle management

614.Strategic planning as a broad concept consists of ______
A. corporate strategy and business strategy
B. strategy formulation and strategy implementation
C. inputs and outputs
D. environmental analysis and internal analysis

615. According to Herzberg, which of the following is a maintenance factor?
A. Salary
B. Work itself
C. Responsibility
D. Recognition

616. A major problem with a task force type of management is ______
A. there is no logical basis for task force information
B. its status is too inflexible
C. accountability
D. lack of planning

617.Individuals such as Albert Einstein, Edwin Land and Steven Jobs lead through which type of power?
A. Legitimate
B. Reward
C. Expert
D. Charismatic

618.Communication begins with _____
A. encoding
B. idea origination
C. decoding
D. channel selection

619.Functional managers are responsible _____
A. for a single area of activity
B. to the upper level of management and staff
C. for complex organizational sub-units
D. for obtaining copyrights and patents for newly developed processes and equipment

620. Policies are sometimes defined as a(n)
A. shortcut for thinking
B. action plan
C. substitute for strategy
D. substitute for management authority

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