561. In which way behaviour is different from mental processes?
A. Introspection
B. Observation right
C. Research
D. Psychoanalysis

562. Who is particularly interested in studying patterns of behaviour, beliefs and values which are shared by people?
A. Social Psychologist
B. Experimental Psychologist
C. Clinical Psychologist
D. PsychoAnalyst

563. Who believed that mind is composed of senses, ideas, images and feelings?
A. William James
B. Titcher
C. Carl Rogers
F. Wundt

564. Which area of hypothalamus is responsible for satiety behaviour?
A. Lateral hypothalamus
B. Ventromedial hypothalamus
C. Hyper Phobia
D. Antidiuretic hormone

565. Which perspectives of psychology focuses on determining the extent to which psychological characteristics such as memory, intelligence are influenced by heredity?
A. Neuroscience
B. Biogenic
C. cognitive
D. socio-cultural

567. Which of the following relates to disorders in comprehension or production of speech?
A. Dysphasia
B. Aphasia
C. Broca’s area
D. All of these

568. Which lobe of the brain is involved in planning, decision-making and some aspects of language?
A. Frontal
B. Parietal
C. Temporal
D. Occipital

569. Which neurotransmitter plays an important role in the experience of pleasure?
A. Serotonin
B. Dopamine
C. Nor-epinephrine
D. Acetylcholine

570. The hormone cortisol produced by adrenal gland is responsible for :
A. Reducing the body activity to take rest
B. Activating the body to prepare for stressful situation
C. Balancing the homeostasis
D. Planning and decision-making

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