641. Which of the following frameworks is used in the development of the overall model of OB?
A. The cognitive framework
B. The behaviouristic framework
C. The social learning framework
D. All of the above

642. Which of the following frameworks is based on the expectancy, demand and incentive concepts
A. The cognitive framework
B. The behaviouristic framework
C. The social learning framework
D. The supportive framework

643. Which of the following forms the basis for the autocratic model of OB
A. Obedience
B. Authority
C. Power
D. Dependence on boss

644. Might is right” is the motto of
A. Autocratic Model
B. Custodial Model
C. Supportive Mode
D. Collegial Model

645. Which one of the following is the definition given by Fred Luthans
A. “Organisational behaviour is to understand, predicting and controlling human behaviour at work”
B. “Organisational behaviour is subset of management activities concerned to human behaviour”
C. “Organisational behaviour is a branch of social sciences that seeks to build theories”
D. “Organisational behaviour is a field of study that investigates the impact on behaviour”

646. Which of the following is not correct for the organisational behaviour?
A. Organisational behaviour is an integral part of management
B. Organisational behaviour is a disciplinary approach
C. Organisational behaviour helps in analysis of behaviour
D. “Organisational behaviour is goal-oriented

647. The____________ is based on the environment. Though____________ like thinking, expectations and perception do exist, and they are not needed to manage or predict behaviour.
A. Behaviouristic approach, Cognitive processes,
B. cognitive processes, behaviouristic approach
C. Social cognitive, behaviouristic approach
D. Cognitive processes, social cognitive

648. Nowadays a lot of stress is being put on the __________ of the employee in the organisation
A. Character
B. improvement
C. Behaviour
D. Rewards

649. OB focuses at 3 Levels-
A. Individuals, Organisation, Society
B. Society, Organisation, Nation
C. Employee, Employer, Management
D. Individual, Groups, Organisation.

650. Scope of OB does not include
A. Leadership
B. Perception
C. Job Design
D. Technology

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