531. A disorder called ________ results when fluid presssure builds up inside the eye and causes damage to optic nerve:
A. prospagnia
B. achromatospia
C. dyslexia
D. glaucoma
E. none of these

532. Optical illusion result from distortion in:
A. transduction
B. sensation
C. perception
D. adaptation
E. none of these

533. Our general method for dealing with environment is known as:
A. intelligence
B. perceptual style
C. personality
D. cognitive style
E. none of these

534. External stimuli that lead to goal-directed behavior are called:
A. drives
B. needs
C. incentive
D. Reciprocal

535. Most psychologist believe that aggression is:
A. an innate biological response to frustration
B. linked to sexual drive
C. a learned response
D. a drive that builds up over time and must be released
E. none of these

536. The process of detecting ,translating and transmitting from external environment to brain is called:
A. perception
B. sensation
C. selective attention
D. adaptation
E. none of these.

537. According to Alfred Adler ,the prime motivating force in a person’s life is:
A. physical gratification:
B. existential anxiety
C. striving for superiority
D. the need for power
E. none of these.

538. Which of the following learning mechanism dopes b.f.Skinner see as being the major means by which behaviorĀ is learned?
A. classical conditioning
B. operant conditioning
C. observational conditioning
D. insight learning
E. none of these.

539. Which of the following did Carl Rogers believe fosters a congruent self-concept?
A. conditional love
B. appropriate role models
C. immediate- need gratification
D. unconditional love
E. none of these.

540. Stereotypes are:
A. special types of schemas that are part of people’s shared cultural background
B. widely held beliefs that people have certain characteristics because of their membership in a particular group
C. equivalent to prejudice
D. both a and b
E. none of these.