591. The process by which we learn not to respond to similar stimuli in identical manner is :
A. Generalization
B. Extinction
C. Discrimination
D. All of these
E None of these

592. Which method of gathering information about the brain indicates overall activity of the brain?
A. Positron Emission Tomography
B. Electroencephalogram
C. Electrical stimulation
D. Studying damage to the brain
E. None of these

593. The physiological and psychological response to stress referred as:
A. Transition
B. Stressors
C. Strain
D. Hypertension
E. None of these

594. The behavioural technique for reducing anxiety in which patents practice relaxation while visualising provoking situations of increasing intensity refers:
A. Symptom substitution
B. Time-out
C. Systematic Desensitization
D. Token economy
E. None of these

595. The ability to acquire information from the culture such as vocabulary and the kind of info learned in the schools is an example of :
A. Fluid intelligence
B. Componential intelligence
C. Crystallised intelligence
D. Contextual intelligence
E. None of these

596. Critics of Freudian psychoanalysis maintain that this form of threrapy:
A. does not put enough emphasis on sex
B. can be harmful by tolerating
C. is good mostly for treating phobias
D. is too quick to be effective
E. None of these

597. When Maya first saw violent movie, she was scared and disgusted. But now she has seen several such movies, she is barely affected by them. Maya has experienced:
A. Habituation
B. Displacement
C. Cultivation
D. Catharsis
E. None of these

598. A person’s IQ initially represented the ration of a persons’———— age divided by his or her………………… age.
A. Chronological, mental
B. Mental, chronological
C. Real, Intentional
D. Chronological , neurological
E. None of these

599. Which of the following is true regarding the relative influence of genes and the environment of behaviour?
A. Environment is the primary influence throughout life
B. Genes are the primary influence before birth, and environment is the primary influence following birth.
C. Genes are primary influence on the development of physical structures and environmental factors are a great influence on the development of behavioural capacities.
D. In no sense can either genes or environment are dormant unit the approach of puberty.
E. None of these

600. Why do similarities in the IQ of raised-together siblings tend to disappear as the children grow older?
A. Sibling learn to over-compensate for deficiencies in each other’s abilities
B. The genes that differentiate intellectual abilities are dormant until the approach of puberty
C. As children mature and become increasingly autonomous, they each tend to create a unique environment
D. ALL of these
E. None of these