771. ________ psychology compare human abilities with those of animals particularly non-human primates?
A. Industrial Psychology
B. Social Psychology
C. Evolutionary Psychology
D. Animal Psychology

772. Who is a famous psycholinguistic?
A. Gardner
B. Alan Newell
C. A. Simon
D. Noam Chomsky

773. Computer provided a new way to conceptualise mental processes and to develop detail theories which is known as _________?
A. Cognitive Approach
B. Behavioural Approach
C. Gestalt Approach
D. Information Processing Approach

774. Who is the father of psychodynamic theory?
A. Wilhelm Wundt
B. Charles Darwin
C. Sigmund Freud
D. William James

775. According to Darwin, the variation in behaviour passed from one generation to next generation is due to _________?
A. Selection
B. Cultural Changes
C. Inheritance
D. None of the above

776.Which of the following approaches has the most optimistic view of human nature?
A. humanism
B. behaviorism
C. psychoanalysis
D. structuralism

777.Dr. Rai Daniyal Kharal studies the diagnosis, causes, treatments, and prevention of mental illnesses. Which type of psychologist is Dr. Rai Daniyal Kharal?
A. Clinical psychologist
B. Developmental psychologist
C. Forensic psychologist
D. Health psychologist

778. Which one of the following models believes that behavior is motivated by inner forces over which individuals have little control?
A. Cognitive model
B. Psychodynamic model
C. Humanistic model
D. Behavioral model

779.Which one of the following schools of thought focused on what the mind does and how it does?
A. Structuralism
B. Functionalism
C. Gestalt
D. Behaviorist

780. The tendency to view one’s own group as superior to others and as the standard for judging the worth of foreign ways is known as:
A. behaviorism.
B. ethnocentrism
C. humanism.
D. functionalism.

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