581. Which aspect of social interactions is measured by the theory of planned behaviour?
A. Attachment
B. Socialization
C. Group formation
D. Attitudes

582. A strategy used by the ego to defend itself against the anxiety provoked by the conflict of everyday life refers to:
A. Defense mechanism
B. Displacement
C. Rationalization
D. Ego-ideal
E. None of these

583. Development is about to:
A. Age
B. Gender
C. Change
D. Genes
E. None of these

584. The self-image formed during adolescence that integrates and individual’s ideas of what he or she is and want to be refers to:
A. Ego-ideal
B. Ego-identity
C. Crisis
D. Ego
E. None of these

585. The theory of how people explain other’s behaviour by attributing it either to internal disposition or to external situation refers to:
A. Attribution theory
B. Dispositional theory
C. Situational theory
D. Attributing causality
E. None of these

586. The behavioural approach is to reward and punishment as the cognitive approach is to:
A. Biological processes
B. The humanistic struggle for self fulfilment
C. individual genetic make up
D. Internal processes of the mind or mental events
E. None of these

587. Which of the following perspectives of psychology is most concerned with the individuals reaching their maximum potential?
A. Behavioural
B. Cognitive
C. Humanistic
D. Psychoanalysis
E. None of these

588. Jobs can by redesigned to make the work more interesting, challenging and to increase responsibility and opportunities for achievement:
A. Job Satisfaction
B. Job specification
C. Job enrichment
D. Job description
E. None of these

589. The basic difference between obsession and compulsion is:
A. The former involves preoccupation with certain thoughts while the later involves preoccupation of certain actions
B. THe former is a mood disorder whereas the later is an anxiety disorder.
C. The former is diagnosed along with the Axis III of DSM-IV whereas the later is diagnosed along with Axis II of DSM-IV
D. Actually, there is no difference between the two disorders.
E. None of the above

590. The process by which egg is ripened and released is :
A. Mitosis
B. Fertilization
C. Ovulation
D. Implantation
E None of these

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