1321. Who performed pioneering research on the fundamental attribution error ?

A. Abraham Moles
B. Wilhelm Reich
C. Robert Rosenthal
D. Lee Ross *

1322. A clinician watches the quick eye developments of resting subjects and wakes them to find they report that they were dreaming . She presumes that fantasies are connected to quick eye developments . This conclusion is based on :

A. Pure speculation
B. Direct Observation
C. Deduction from direct Observation *
D. Prior Prediction

1323. To prevent ethical abuse in psychological research . The APA has suggested that :

A. Psychologist must treat all subjects with respect and concern for the subject’s dignity *
B. Clinicians should stay away from duplicity with utilizing human subjects
C. All information gathered from an individual should be unveiled
D. Subjects must receive counseling to address any and all psychological harm.

1324. A typical strategy for choosing delegate tests is to choose them :

A. Randomly from the larger population *
B. Strictly from volunteers
C. By Threatening or coercing institutionalized populations
D. From private lists of mail order companies

1325. The major moral worries of mental scientists are double dealing enduring damage to subject and :

A. Morality of the question under investigation
B. Loss of future research possibilities
C. Loss of future research possibilities
D. Invasion of privacy *

1326. The statistical technique that combines results of a large number of studies is called :

A. Experimental correlation
B. Statistical linear analysis
C. Meta-analysis *
D. Hypothetical analysis

1327. An investigation is performed to check whether ambient sound further develops learning. Two gatherings concentrate on a similar material , one while paying attention to music and one more without music. The free factor is :

A. Learning
B. The size of the group
C. The material studied
D. Music *

1328. The central capability of the benchmark group in an examination is that it :

A. Allows mathematical relationships to be established
B. Gives a perspective against which the way of behaving of the exploratory gathering can measure up *
C. Balances the examination to dispense with every superfluous variable
D. Is not really necessary

1329. The most remarkable exploration device is a (an):

A. Clinical study
B. Experiment *
C. Survey
D. None of these

1330. Who is known for psychology of religion ?

A. Bruce Hood
B. Felix Guattari
C. William james *
D. Kay Redfield jamison