971. In Merrickā€™s multiple piece rate plans, Employees producing between 83% and 100% of the output will be paid ___ of the basic piece rate
A. 90%
B. 100%
C. 110%
D. 120%

972. ___ training involves the duplication of organizational situations in a learning environment.
A. Sensitivity Training
B. Vestibule Training
C. Simulation Training
D. Apprenticeship Training

973. ___ measures the economic value of people to the organization.
A. Human Resource Accounting
B. Human Resource Audit
C. Human Resource Management
D. Capital Budgeting

974. Which of the following is not an element of job characteristics?
A. Skill variety
B. Task Significance
C. Autonomy
D. Organization

975. __ are the written records which clearly specifies the personal attributes required to perform a job.
A. Job evaluation
B. Job Design
C. Job Description
D. Job Specification

976. Tripartism means
A. Government, Employers and Employees
B. Union, Employer and Employees
C. Labour Commissioner, Union and Employer
D. Registered trade union, trade union in the company and the management

977. Concept of laissez faire is
A. Welfare state
B. Right of the might
C. Hire and Fire
D. Right of the weak

978. The multi-input approach to performance feedback is called
A. Assessment Centre
B. 360 Degree Assessment
C. Critical Incident Method
D. Forced Distribution Method

979. Expectancy theory was formulated by
A. Adam Smith
B. Victor Vroom
C. Henry Fayol
D. Herzberg

980. ___ is sometimes more than minimum wage providing bare necessities of life.
A. Wage expectation
B. Fair wage
C. Living wage
D. Need based wage