1261. Non-financial motivation is ___________.

A. Job rotation *
B. Promotion
C. Work
D. Separation

1262. Job factor includes_______.

A. Suspension
B. Wages
C. Salary
D. All of these *

1263. Disciplinary action is ___________.

A. Lay off *
B. Promotion
C. Activity
D. Right

1264. Method of merit rating is __________.

A. Point method
B. Ranking procedure
C. Grading method
D. All of these *

1265. The term_________ refers to a condition in the organization where employee conducts themselves in accordance with the organizations rules and standards of acceptable behavior_________.

A. Grievance
B. Conflict
C. Discipline *
D. None of these

1266. Under this approach every employee of an organization is considered as a human resource______.

A. Human resource
B. Human relation
C. Judicial *
D. Group

1267. HRM started in pakistan in late 1980________.

A. 1960
B. 1970
C. 1980 *
D. 1990

1268. _________ is the process of negotiation between employers and the representatives of a unit of employees aimed at reaching agreements that regulate working conditions________.

A. Participation management
B. Collective bargaining *
C. Code of conduct
D. None of these

1269. Quality circle concept was originated in ________.

B. China
D. Japan *

1270. Grievance procedures are based on the principle of natural justice_______.

A. Justice *
B. Principle
C. Procedure
D. Commitment