1951. Maslow grouped the five need into two categories_____.

A. Higher- order needs and lover order needs *
B. Supreme needs and local needs
C. Self needs and other needs
D. Luxurious needs and comfort needs

1952. If everyone who is faced with a similar situation responds in the same way, attribution theory states that the behaviour shows _______.

A. Consensus *
B. Similarity
C. Reliability
D. Consistency

1953. You never get the benefit of the doubt from your boss. He assumed that you had simply taken too much time when you returned from lunch late. He never gave any thought to the fact that there were no elevators and you had to walk up ten flights of stairs. Your boss is responsible for ___.

A. Self-serving bias
B. Selective perception
C. Fundamental attributio error *
D. Inconsistency

1954. Mr. Shahid rate Mr Raheel high in his job evaluation because both belong to same area and graduated from the same university. It is an example of __________.

A. Centeral tendency
B. Halo effect
C. Similar-to-me effect *
D. Misperception

1955. All the following are dimensions of intellectual ability except______.

A. Inductive reasoning *
B. Dynamic strenght
C. Deduction reasoning
D. Number aptitude

1956. What sort of actions is most likely to be attributed to external causes ?

A. Actions with a high degree of distinctness, consensus, and consistency
B. Actions with a low degree of distinctness, consensus, and consistency
C. Actions with a lot of uniqueness, little consensus, and little consistency
D. Actions that have high distinctiveness, low consistency and high consensus *

1957. A threatened strike action by a labour union to force the management to accept their demands is an example of which of the following power ?

A. Referent power
B. Legitamate power
C. Reward power
D. Coercive power *

1958. Which of the following departmentalization can be considered necessary in an organization where the company’s products fall into several categories with very different production methods for each category?

A. Customer
B. Production
C. Process *
D. Matrix

1959. Mr. Danish has some work which pays a superb compensation. He coexists well with his collaborators and bosses. Additionally, he appreciates that the company’s policy aligns well with his personal beliefs and that he has received significant recognition for his accomplishments at the company. Which of these factors is most likely responsible for Danish’s enthusiasm for his job?

A. High compensation
B. Good nature of peer relationships
C. Good nature of supervisor relationships
D. Recognition for his achievements *

1960. Job appraisal is the part of ________.

A. Sociology
B. Anthopology
C. Psychology *
D. Political science